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Hi there,
Thank you for responding. After I had posted, I read some of the other posts indicating a toddler on board is no fun, for the parents themselves and for other people. I got fairly disheartened!!

My little one, she's pretty active. She loves animals and such. She's always amazed by things that she doesn't normally see. So coming from Toronto, I can't wait for her to experience hot weather, to see the ocean, to be on the beach. I guess I'm excited to see how she will experience everything.

I was thinking of going on a bottomless boat with her, so she can see the fishes. But of course, her safety is my utmost concern. I don't know the sized of these boats, and how easy it may be to fall out!! We were also thinking of possibly taking a helicopter ride, as we both have always wanted to, but again, I'm not sure how feasible that will be with her as well. I guess we can always just go shopping at the different ports. We will be going to Princess Cay, so its good to know they have a children's area. What about St. Maarten and St. Thomas?

Our little one does walk, but still likes to be picked up. I hope this will change soon!!!

Thank you for responding. I look forward to hearing from you and others.

P.s. I read somewhere that children who are not potty trained cannot go in the pool. Not even with the swimmer diapers? I hope that will be allowed because I don't see her being potty trained until after 18 months.