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Originally posted by sandyhp:
Hi All
We will be flying out of LA on 5/9 arriving Rome 5/10 staying at Best Western Piccadilly...then on to Civitavecchia on 5/13 for med cruise. I am considering using private transfer service to ship, but at this point I do not know how we are getting anywhere, especially to the ship. Maybe, if we can work it out, share a "ride" to port. I am not keen on dragging luggage to train ect. I have looked at the shore excursions listed by Carnival but that is as far as I have been. Would prefer private, but cost is steep. Maybe a bunch of us can get together and share cost.

Post on here or e-mail me:
I am going to email you, sandy...

But, as you can see by my posts, my husband and I seem to be the only people who don't really have extra time before the cruise -- just after! Too bad, too, because we will be flying out of LA, also! (We live in Ventura county)

Last night we decided to book our Izmir shore excursion through Carnival. Everything we've found so far in that area is actually more expensive outside of the ship tours. And none of the Izir ship excursions was particularly expensive -- I think the most expensive is $65/per person. That's what ours was -- we chose the "House of the Virgin Mary Ancient Ephesus" tour. From what I can tell, there isn't a lot to do in Izmir, unless you like historical sites (particularly with religious significance) or museums. Anyway, that was our decision. I'll tell you more in the email!