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Posted Nov 19, 1:31 PM
OK English teachers, I guess it should be "whom".

My TA booked my husband and son in one cabin and my daughter and I in another
And English teacher would also tell you it should have been "and my daughter and ME in another..."

The current rule is that children traveling with parents have to be next door or directly across the hall from their parents. If not, then if someone in the room is under 21, there has to be someone else in the room with them who is 21 or older. An 18 year old has to have a 21 year old in the room with him or her, unless next door or across the hall from the parents.

That's probably why your travel agent booked one adult and one child in each room. As mentioned, you can tell the cabin steward onboard which room to arrange with beds together. You can even ask the travel agent to request that in advance for one of the rooms.