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Ok, since my cruise is only a little over a week away, I thought I'd better get our suntan lotion (I still call it that even though the whole world now calls it 'sunblock').
Anyhooo, it cost me a small fortune but I got the kids 45 SPF and my husband and I a beautifully coconut smelling 30 SPF yummy ! NOW WE ARE READY.
Chef Ken, you have more guts than I. 8SPF is livin on the edge when you are from Canada in the middle of winter. LOL.
BTW, A;drea, thanks for reminding me, I added our aloe soothing gel onto my list. We have a little left from previous summers and who knows -- we may need it if someone (as she looks at her husband) decides to live on the edge like Chef Ken. (My husband gets alittle crazy at times in the sun and thinks he is ohhh sun God and needs NO sun-block.