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Hi J,
Have you checked on our cruise at There are over 30 people going on our cruise who have signed up there. If you register there and go to the Celebrity's Roll Call Forum you will find us already beginning to discuss organizing small groups for private tours (which I prefer to the ship's excursions). You'll find smaller groups get better tours for less money if you haven't tried this before. Also, because we have more than 25 people registered for our cruise at Cruise Critic, Celebrity is hosting a complimentary private party for us. If you register, Celebrity will send you an invitation. It's a nice way to get to meet everyone who you've been posting messages with. Usually the Cruise Director hosts it and sometimes the Captain or other ship's officers drop in. Give it a try and it should be easier to coordinate excursions all at the same forum. One lady has had great experience with a snorkel boat operator in Grand Cayman. My brother and sister-in-law had a great time snorkeling at some beautiful natural park near Cozumel. I've found some operators in Aruba with a good reputation. We'd like to snorkel at those ports. I think I'd like to see the sights in Cartagena rather than spend another day swimming. I'd also like to get a look at the Canal locks and see how they work. It's funny, I've been to 7 Caribbean islands already and all of these are new to me.

Let me know what you think. As you can see, I enjoy snorkeling. I've never seen much of any cultural interest on a Carib. island except for Old San Juan. Bermuda is just wonderful, but it's not anywhere near the Caribbean.