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Originally posted by S Blaine:
Good luck on your cruise. We sailed in May on the Pride of America and couldn't have been more upset. There is no such thing as "freestyle dining" on this ship. 2-3 hour diners were the norm, and the service was horrible. Cold food and miscooked food was guaranteed. After many talks with management, they admitted that the ship has routinely saled with only 50% of the needed food staff. This was my 6th NCL cruise and I'll never sail with them again.
I have file a lawsuit against NCL. I would love to hear your comments after you sail.
Sorry yours was such a bad experience. We had a magnificent time! The food we had was always very good - not exceptional, I would admit, but I would not expect that from such a cruise. We were able to complete most of our 3 course dinners in just over an hour! Breakfast in the Cadillac Diner was the only slow service we had and even that was not a problem.

I have posted a lengthy review of our trip under a new thread if you're interested.