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My wife and I were not too thrilled with our cruise on Elation this past week. The itinerary was wonderful. We loved Jamaica, Grand Cayman and Cozumel is always fun. We had great seas except for last day and wonderful weather. The staff on this ship was the worst ever. They are not friendly at all. The servers were borderline rude, and it took forever to get service while you were lounging by the pool. The only great service was from our room steward. He was great! Can't remember his name, but a great and friendly guy. The staff just seemed off in another world. Never been on a cruise like it. The ship is indeed in need of a refurb., but still a beauty. We ordered room service a lot and they rarely got it right. Very frustrating. Did they just change groups or something on this cruse. The whole cruise just seemed off. Took forever to board about 2 and half hours. Did anyone else take this cruise that feels this way?