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Hi Cissy,

Welcome to Cruise-Chat! Unlike at home where the kiddos always complain about being bored, I don't expect you'll have any problems with that aboard a Carnival cruiseship. You've made a very good choice for your childrens ages. They'll love Camp Carnival. The only issue is getting them in a strange place to want to go without Mom & Dad the first time. Hang with them there until they're comfortable and they'll want to spend as much time as possible there from then on. If you don't normally give them endless sodas at home, don't change the rules onboard. There is lemonade, fruit punch and more available that's all free. If later on in the cruise you decide you'd like the convenience of having the drink cards you can get them anytime. Since the cost is prorated daily you'll save a few bucks on each card if you do decide to purchase them toward the end as a treat for wonderful behavior from the kids. Might just be a great incentive to get cooperation when they want to do their thing and you have other plans for them. You'll have a wonderful time and so will your children!

Cheers, Neil