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[QUOTE]Originally posted by annies:

Now, I do have this question. Aren't these clubs just glorified baby sitters, or should I say teen sitters. Not that there is anything wrong with this. I certainly don't think kids should be left unattended on board. And, when this one director screws up his or her job, isn't there someone else on board to fill in? What if this "director" gets sick or something...aren't there helpers or assistants to step up? Or, are these kids just left out? You know, when the kids aren't really is a bummer for the parents...especially when on vacation! I'm sure it hampered the adult plans! [Quote]

Annies: Sorry, but I think momofteens is being a little extreme to make a blanket statement "Don't put teens on Carnival", and say there was nothing for the teens to do but have endless pictures taken. Maybe you hit the nail on the head in your statement of "What happens when someone gets sick?" Indeed, Did momofteens really pursue why Olga wasn't at her station? She says she spoke with the "childrens director". What childrens director? Of the younger children? That person has nothing to do with Olga. Momofteens should have spoken to the Cruise Director or went and spoke to the Pursers desk to find out why Olga wasn't at her post. Momofteens says nothing to do but take endless pictures? What about the 9 hole miniture golf, dance classes, trivia games, virtual world arcade, shuffle board, volleyball, ping pong, basketball, jogging or walking on the track, the Gym, books and games in the library, swimming in the pool and the slide. If the girls weren't interested in any or all of these things, then that's not Carnival's fault. If Olga was neglectful and not doing her job, then yes, she needs to be relieved. But if she was sick, or something else happened then that's a different story. It sounds very unusual for this to happen. According to Carnival's website, "Olga" isn't even the name of the O2 club director. Maybe their website isn't up to date, or maybe something did happen to cause this unusual situation.