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I too, was affected by post-cruise dizziness. I thought I was the only one. But from reading what everyone else wrote in this post, the discriptions described what I expierienced perfectly!

I came back from my first and only cruise (so far) on the Sovereign of the Seas back on November 5th.

I did not get sea sick. Nor did I have this dizziness while at the ports of call (CocoCay and Nassau). But as soon as I got back to the home port (Pt. Canaveral) and onshore, I felt the dizziness. It felt like I was still on the ship and it was pitching up and down.

This dizzy sensation lasted SIX DAYS! I thought it would never go away! I thought it may have been related to my blood pressure medicine. Because on the prescription bottle there is a warning sticker that says "THIS MEDICINE MAY MAKE YOU DIZZY".

Anyway, I remember what helped: On the sixth-day I realized I should go to the gym to work of the extra pounds gained during the cruise. When I got there I decided to use the Eliptical Ski machine. Although I was worried I would lose my balance and fall off of it. I held tight to the Ski poles during the exercise. And after I finished, I stepped-off and immediately noticed an improvement (I was much less dizzy ).