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Do not take the shuttle! Take a taxi from Bayonne. We recently ended our cruise there and when we got off the ship, there were no taxis in sight. They told us to get on the shuttle bus and that there wouldn't be any taxis for a long time. So we got on the shuttle and it was a nightmare. It took them 30 minutes to cram everyone and all the luggage in. Then the van was old and barely made it over the bridge and the driver had so much luggage crammed into the cabin that he couldn't move one arm! It was very unsafe. The driver insisted I needed to go to some far away terminal so he put my luggage at the bottom of the stack but when we got to the airport my terminal was the first one we came to and I had to convince HIM that this was my terminal. I finally just demanded he give me my luggage, so he had to unload ALL the luggage to get mine out, which made everyone else wait another 15 minutes. And as it turns out, a taxi cost as much as a shuttle, the taxis showed up 5 minutes after we got in the van, and it WAS my gate!