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Hi Poormom,

Weíve rented a car several times while in St. Maarten. Itís very easy to pick one up from the 5 or 6 rental companies right at the pier. When you walk to the end of the main pier they are all lined up along the right side of the parking lot just past the tour buses.

We like to be one of the first ones off of the ship, grab a car and head to Orient Beach. Kon Tiki is a great place to park away from the tour bus drop offs. We usually stay there until after lunch and then head back to town. I like to return the car and then take the water taxi downtown so that I donít have to deal with the traffic.

If you decide to do the island loop it may be better to head towards Marigot in the morning and then return through Oyster Pond in the afternoon. As stated above, the traffic through Philipsburg to Marigot can get quite busy.

Enjoy your cruise!
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