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My husband and are planning a cruise through the Mexican Riviera within the next 4 months. I have researched available cruises on

Holland America
Royal Carrib.

Many reviewers say Holland caters to the very elderly and carnival sounds like a cruise line for families mostly. My husband is 54 and I'm 37. Were far from old but don't have young kids and prefer a lower key atmosphere. We like fine dining & shopping and will likely be booking a suite and the anytime dining options. We will likely go into ports of call but are not likely to do excursions except maybe some scuba diving in Cabo or Puerta Villarta. I'm leaning towards Royal Carrib. at this point mostly because Princess only stays in Cabo San Lucas until 2pm as the final port of call and this is the port we are looking most forward to seeing. Please if anyone has cruised this area on more than one ship/cruise line give me your thoughts & feedback. I'm sorry for my cruise naiveness, lol this is the first real vacation weve been able to afford in 3 years since the recession has hit us hard here in California. I don't want to waste the opportunity on a bad or even mediocre experience. Hubby would've happily flown to Hawaii again but I convinced him to cruise!!
Thank you in advance
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