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Been on the Jewel.......suggest that if you want a good time at a great price, attend the Martini clinics, and Margarita clinics.

The Martini clinic and Margarita clinic are hosted several times during the week for price of $15.00 each. Bartender usually makes 4-5 different Martini's and the same for Margarita's. On the Pearl May 20th to Alaska, we had 4 Martini's, some speciality that would cost $12.95 each. A classic martini is priced at $6.95.

The clinics are lots of fun, especially after about 2 drinks. After 4 your talking to everyone.

Enjoy, just a tip.

Becareful of souvinoir drinks at $8.95 for keeping the plastic glass. They aren't worth it.

Ask your travel agent for a few NCL coupon books, which we had for the Pearl for a few drink specials. They are available. The coupons offer some good deals for dining in speciality resturants also. First night of cruising speciality resturants are two for one. Just an example. We enjoyed the Lotus Garden for just $5.00 each. That's was a great deal.