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Originally posted by Cruise Specialist:
Originally posted by S&C_06:
Yeah she just doesnt like "stupid" people....Or so she says, but she is very on top of things..she actually works two jobs, one as a travel agent and another as a dispatcher at our PD. She is a workaholic and does it all!!! She just doesnt like people that call and ask how much would a cruise cost? And she is like to where? when? what company? People think that she can just give them a price right off the bat....But if you know what you want, she will be glad to help!
Hey that is what makes this job interesting. I find that NO QUESTION is a stupid question. In my years as an agent I find there are many people who know absolutly nothing about cruising and thats when I step in, to educate them, answer questions and help make their pre crusing expereince as stress free as possible. I tell all my clients that I am here for them and will answer any question they might have no matter how small and unimportant they might think it is.

Also I get those calls where people want to know how much a cruise is, thats when I qualify them based on their knowledge of cruising and their interests etc. The best yet is the call I received a while back from a woman who had a 7 day vacation coming up, she wanted to take a cruise to Hawaii from Myrtle Beach did not want to fly and was amazed when I told her that first there are no ports in Myrtle Beach, second she would have to fly to the west coast or all the way to Hawaii. She was upset because she wanted the package for around $300.00. She was serious, I took the time to educate her about the types of cruises that were available and I did not treat her as a stupid person, you can believe when she does get ready to cruise she will call me back and could be a client for life.

I am also a very busy agent, but each of my clients are treated as if they are my best friend, thats what keeps them coming back and also referring me to others.

Just my $.02.

Just to clarify, I never meant, if that is how it came off, that my wife treated these people as stupid people. But she does come home sometimes and vents to me. Believe me she is very professional. Her boss there or the people at the police department wouldnt have her working if she wasnt.