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Originally posted by Richard & Mary:
NCL Sun stateroom # 1001 Forward over looking the bow of the ship.

If anyone has stayed in this stateroom, on the NCL Sun and could provide your toughts and review of this room, it would be greatly appreciated.
Hi Richard & Mary,

We were on the Sun during Easter break this year in the Caribbean, and had the exact room. The view is awesome! The same view as what is on the ship cam, actually better since you will be a few decks higher than where the cam is located. The balcony is deeper than those found on the port or starboard sides which was great for "semi private sunbathing" (I will expand on this further later on in this post). Not sure if you will need the extra space for Alaska though, as you pretty much will be standing at the rail.

If you have ever had a forward facing suite before, you will know what's coming, if you haven't, here are some tips for you. We affectionately called our stateroom "the bug catcher". The stateroom worked like the windshield of your car, it collected bugs. Since the ship is moving forward, and you are forward facing, anything flying in front will be sucked in like a vacuum. We experienced this as we traveled down the Mississippi headed for the gulf. Lot's of mosquito's on the bayou, and summer in Alaska might be the same. And be prepared for the wind! Oh the wind! Example; the ship is sailing at 20 knots, you automatically have a 20 knot wind. If you have a 20 knot headwind, you will now have a 40 knot wind, etc. It's almost impossible to stand on the balcony and enjoy the view with the windspeeds you will experience. You can't keep the balcony doors open either since it will tear through the cabin like a tornado, and blow anything around that is not nailed down.

Now for the "semi private" comment. As we pulled into our first port early the 2nd morning of our cruise, I walked out to the railing dressed in let's just say, less than what is appropriate for the dining room, buffet line, or any public area for that matter. As I'm standing there, I can hear talking, giggling, etc. and I look up to the observation deck one deck above, and see a couple hundred new found friends staring down into our balcony. I wasn't aware that the balcony juts out further than the observation deck. Needless to say, for future ventures to the balcony, I was in proper attire. Hated to think I couldn't just walk out and enjoy the view without being on public display. Also, there is nothing to stop people from dropping anything onto the balcony, cups, cigarette butts, etc. A good cabin steward will clean this up for you though. Ours was the best!

The bathroom on board was the finast imaginable. Lots of room. We easily could fit all four of us in the bathroom at one time. That worked out well when you are rushed to get places. One in the shower, one in the stall, one at the sink area, and one in the closet/changing area.

We found there was ample storage space. That was never an issue.

I hope you find this helpful. Enjoy your cruise!! Bon Voyage!!