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We were on the Grand in Feb & are going back on the same trip as you are. Yea, there are things that are wrong with the ship but most times unless you're looking hard for the defects it won't be of major concern. We had a balcony earlier this year with rotted partitions (as far as I could see they were terrible shape) & I told my neighbor about it & when he returned two weeks ago he said his balcony was fine.
The AC in the anytime DR was broken on our trip & was set to full on. We practically froze in the DR every night. MY wife resorted to wearing a sweat shirt almost all the time in the DR. I haven't heard much about the problem but I'd assume is has to be fixed by now any my neighbor didn't notice a thing wrong.
I also read about a recent trip about two weeks ago where people on the forward elevator were soaked by a flood. I can't begin to imagine how that happened but I'm sure it was a one time occurrence. They did have some problems with the rear elevators being out of service for a brief time.
All things considered I doubt if the trip will be a total disaster the way some would have you believe & unless you start looking around for minor items that need replacement I'm sure it'll just turn out to be just another typical Princess cruise.
btw- the food was great. (as usual)