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When I was on my second cruise ever, one of the ports of call was Cozumel. When I went walking around San Miguel (dowtown Cozumel), I couldn't help but notice that there may have been one or two dedicated pharmacies and in every corner store they also sold prescription medicine, too. I noticed the real hot selling Rx meds were the ones for male EDS: ******, ******, Levitra. Hopefully it will be a few decades before I need those

Anyway, they had other prescription medications for sale too. Just show them the money; no questions asked (except maybe for the really notorius "Schedule 1" meds: Valium, OxyContin,Tylenol w/Codein, Hydrocodon, etc.). I did happen to see one or two meds I am taking for high blood pressure and cholesterol. I was tempted to purchase some, but I decided not to. I was worried about counterfit or expired meds.

So, has anyone had expierience with purchasing prescription meds in Cozumel. In terms of prescription medicine, can you trust what you are purchasing in Cozumel?