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The Galeria Mall is on Sunrise Boulevard which will be about 5 miles from where you are staying. There is a public bus system there, that is actually pretty dependable. You could take the water taxi, but it would be a good distance to walk from where they stop. The Galeria is huge, it covers at least 8 blocks. I know they have a Saks, not sure about Macy's, Victoria Secret, Bath & Body works, and plenty of other stores. There is also a huge mall off of University Drive in Plantation, but it would be a lot further away, about 10-12 miles. Not sure what stores are left there. I'd really recommend the water taxi, you can buy a pass for $10/pp for all day. If you take it to the end, you'll get off at Shooters. It's a great way to see how the people with tons of money live, plus it's a pleasant ride. They have stops for shopping on Las Olas. Las Olas boulevard has more "kitchy" type stores, with cafes galore. If you get off at Shooters, there's a great place to eat called "Charlie's Crab", Shooters has good food, but is better known for its drinks and beautiful people/yachts. One of my favorite restaurants is the Sea Watch, it's in north Lauderdale, though, so you'd have to take a cab or a bus. It's right on the ocean, beautiful view, great food. They have an early bird special from 4-6 (I believe), 3 course meal for $29.95/ea. Another one of my favorite restaurants is Pier66 Bar & Grill, it's one of the stops on the water taxi route. It's right on the intracoastal, you can see the cruise ships and yachts while enjoying fantastic food. Let me know if I can be of any further help.