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Dwayne, how was your Fantasy Cruise? Did you see my daughter? The new cast took over early so she should have been on stage.
Unfortunately no.

I did try several times though. They all knew her, but didn't know where she was each time I asked. I probably should have asked CD Risa to find her. I think I saw her on stage.

Thanks, my Fantasy cruise was Fantastic! I saw so many old crew friends from other ships on board. I used to say the Elation had the best crew. That title in my humble opinion now goes to the Fantasy.

Congrats on booking the Fantasy. You will love the ship and crew..needless to say. I'm already planning my next one for late April/early May. I'm also going to be on board before the drydock next month for lunch and a look see. Word is she isn't going to get the new balconies during this next drydock. They've been known to surprise us though.

The only thing I know about the disappearing cabins is their website and the PVP's use 2 different systems for booking. Sometimes if you hold a cabin on the web site it will make it unavailable for the PVP's. This happened to me on this cruise. Come to find out, I was the one holding it so they just re-opened it for me to book directly. You might want to try it again.

Is your daughter going to work on board during drydock or coming home? If she stays on board, tell her Lido bar manager Larry is going to go fishing at Freeport and is going to bring the fish he catches on board to pan fry.