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We, my wife Michaela and me, are from Germany and first I want to excuse for my bad English. So far we traveled twice with the German cruiseline Aida.

We have now already booked the Bangkok-Sydney cruise with Diamond Princess in November 2008. Last weekend we had a 2-day minicruise with Norwegian Gem. It was our first time on an American cruiseship. We knew, that in the restaurants and bars the air-condition on American cruiseships is much more colder than on European cruiseships, but we did not expect it so cold. Can anybody compare the air-condition in the public rooms between NCL and Princess, maybe by her/his own experience ? We have heard, that the air-condition on RCL cruiseships is not so cold, but nothing about Princess. I hope you understand this typical German (or European) problem and can help me.

Greetings from Germany


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