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Originally posted by Didikay:
Crazy. My husband also contracted Hep B many years ago.He was also clean in the same areas as you. The only thing that we and the doctor had come up with as the cause was oysters. He had eaten oysters from I think Apalachicola Bay in West Florida. It can happen. He took awhile to mend, a couple of days in the Hospital and Hep B shots for your wife or significant other. I happened to be pregnant at the time.
i think A is from food prudocts or bad water , B is from ***,blood to blood contact, or blood transfer, my moms looking into the matter online with my dad, the doctor still has not called to but to see what i need to do now?
the only way i can think of is if i cut myself where someone with the B virus did too, it can be dried up blood, also i had 2 blisters and both my hands, 2 weeks ago form shovling, i had a man come to grind some stumps at the house,on the second day, he shoke me hand where the blister was, it burned, we talked some more before he leave and shoke my hand again i had to pull my hand back a little so it wont touch where it was by my thumb joint,,the man still is not finshed the whiloe job yet ,its been 2 weeks since i heard from him? i didnt pay him yet ,,its making me wonder?? if hes felling bad too. hes sorts of a rough looking fellow out the back woods of west virgina,with half set of teeth or less. something must be up ,if its been 2 weeks ans only got 1 big stump left to get paid?
my wife works around childen, she got all the shots for everything. she told me if i wanted them too. i should have got them by that was 4 years ago and dont rember when she told me that.her blood work coming up agian next week.
the doc. hasnt called me back im still yellowish,yellow eyes,aches and pain, tried all the time.i auctally cut the grass yesterday on riding mower, p/s i dont eat any kind of sea food and i only drink on crusie ships funship cocktails only
as for the tickets, going to give them to my kid and her b/friend.just got to call and get change of name on tickets