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Originally posted by RFD:
Thanks for all the advice-am booking a train ride in Skagway because of the advice-still not sure about Icy Strait
Little Hoonah doesn't have much to see but I did a short (8 mile) bike ride and topped it off with the zipline ride. Thank god i did not actually SEE the zipline before I got to the 'Ride Ejection Center' over 1400 feet high otherwize I might have chickened out! It was a super-gas - especially if, like me, you never did this before. The first half descent feels more like a free fall as you are secured in something like a parachute harness. You drop like a rock after mettalic doors open - you never know what hit you as I don't remember anything except being airborne and looking at clouds around eye-level. It is one major blast...and 70 years old is NOT too old to experience a controlled fall unless the person has a heart condition. I am a fit 62 and this experience will last a lifetime.. unless I do it again! Good Luck.