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That is the best side for cruising south. When viewing the glaciers in College Fjord and Glacier Bay the ship will turn so that everyone gets a good view, but nothing beats cruising in these areas with your own balcony. We also splashed out and had the Champagne Breakfast as we cruised into Glacier Bay - well worth the extra money!
Sorry we haven't stayed at the Hilton in Anchorage or in Coldfoot and Deadhorse so I can't comment on them. Perhaps someone else will be able to help you there. Fairbanks Lodge is very comfortable. Good bar and restaurants with local live music. If you are lucky you may get a room overlooking the river! Denali Lodge is huge! It has a totally different atmosphere from Fairbanks, much more lively. It too is comfortable with good bars and restaurants. Accommodation is in separate buildings, so it will be necessary to go outside to reach the main building and the restaurants (only a nuisence if it is raining! We went to the 'dinner theatre' one night and really enjoyed the show, the food and the fun!
Anything else I can help with?