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snorkel gear is based on the quality of the silicone rubber used in the mask...the higher quality masks will have a surgical grade silicone that is noticable more pliable, comfortable, and a must if you want it to last a long time without cracking, the type and fit of masks is a primary consideration...also look for a "dry snorkel" it has a valve that wont allow water in when you submerge or get hit by a stray wave, they usually have a better grade silicone mouthpiece too. If you wear glasses like me, a dive shop can get you a mask with optical lenses so you can see the bottom clearly. all our gear, except for my mask, is usdivers...they sell split fins which i think are better than standard fins and sets with bag, mask, split fins, and dry snorkel for reasonable prices at wal-mart, sporting goods stores, or bass pro shops. they use surgical grade silicone in most of thier sets.