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Do not count on getting off before the Princess tours. On our last 18 Princess cruises those with private tours were not allowed to board tenders before the Princess tours. The only exception to that has been those with Elite tender tickets. These tickets must be shown.

F-mattox is correct you will not have to wait until all the tours are off because some tours might be for the afternoon.

They usually make an announcement when tender tickets are not required but that is after those with tender tickets are off and there is no longer a large group waiting to tender.

I would advise that you and your party go to the lounge where they are handing out tender tickets and be the first ones there. If need be get in a line before they are even there to hand out the tickets. You most likely will not be the only ones there that early. If you have the first set of tender tickets and there is a break in the Princess tours your number will be called.

Many feel this is an unfair practice to let Princess tours tender first but they usually have a large number of passangers to get off in a short period of time for their tours.

Hope this helps.

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