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JimD, I've never had a full suite so I can't speak from experience, but just from looking at the deck plans, my one reservation about E733 is that it is right above the Vista Lounge. This may not be a problem unless you retire early; it may not even be a problem at all. But it is something to consider.

My solution would be to book either D736 or D737 one deck up;
Same size, same price, and you have a buffer between you and the lounge.

The other thing I've noticed about the suites on the stern is they don't get a lot of sun. The bulkheads and balconies above give you a lot of wind protection but they also block out a lot of sun; or course you may like this. I prefer a lot of sun.

As for the dimensions, I have no reason to doubt Princess' figures. It agrees with the information printed in the brochure.