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Originally posted by Jim C.:

Chef Ken- What's wrong with Crawfish? a good crawfish boil would have been welcome. On the Dream, they set up a couple of weber BBQ grills on the pool deck and made grilled chicken/burgers every day. It was served buffet style. Just want I wanted, go on a cruise and stand in grill smoke for 10 mins trying to get a burnt piece of chicken.... A good cajun crawdad boil would have been better. Boil up a big kettle and just dump them right there on the deck...
Actually Jim, nothing! I would prefer the crawfish to the small tails and there isn't anything quite like a crawfish boil!! MMMM- mm. I'll start out with a 2 lb. platter and good ale, in the words of the late Justin Wilson, "Wooo-eee, I gah-rahn-tee!