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I AM lucky that he wants to come. Especially since he'll be traveling with his mother, aunt, and grandmother and no other kids or guys! Though we're kind of crazy ladies, so he knows he'll have fun with us.

I'm not sure about getting him into a suit, but will definitely insist upon dress slacks, jacket, and tie. The hardest part will be getting him into dress shoes!

Any thoughts on whether he'll be allowed to come into the lounges with us? I'm not talking about hanging out in the bars until 4 am, but just for a drink before or after dinner.

Thanks for your response(s)!

Originally posted by Jarronwood:

Is your teenager looking forward to be with you?I do envy you - a 17 year being with his parents on holiday. Wow!

My 17 nearly 18 year would not even think of coming on holiday with her dad and mom. WHat on earth have we in common.

You are so luckly to have a 17 year old wanting to cruise with his mom and dad.

Sorry I digress, the answer is that yes he should wear something smart on formal nights. Crusing and formal nights is all about "dressing up" - for us ladies, part of the fun is getting ready and putting on our glad rags and feeling like a superstar. Gents should look good beside us girls.

ANyone wanting to wear shorts on these special evenings needs shooting (well.... at least they need educating).
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