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I would appreciate if anyone can help me with a few questions... I'm wondering what the towel policy is on Princess? Can we bring pool towels off the ship for shore excursions?

Also do you know if there is an alarm clock in the stateroom? It wasn't specifically listed (with TV, hair dryer, etc) and I've stayed in hotels before that didn't have a clock. If there isn't, I definitely want to bring one, especially since we have an interior room so it will always be dark.

And finally I'm wondering about the formal nights. The Princess guidelines stated that "tuxedos, slack with dinner jackets, or suits" are appropriate for men, but a travel agent review I read said that Princess formal nights were heavy on tuxedos, beaded gowns, etc. Anyone know what the passengers actually wear? A lot of the men in my family don't even own a suit, but if most guys are in tuxes, I'd think they'd feel very underdressed in a sport coat.
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