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On My first cruise I had a cabin with balcony and on my second cruise took an interior cabin so here is what I think

1. Balcony cabins are bigger and you can enjoy romantic views from it during almost any time of the day and congrats on your aniversary.

2. Balcony cabins are better for photo oportunities since you can see the island when you arrive and when you leave.

3. Also a lot of people think you will not be a your cabin most of the time, believe me even if you are a party people you will pass a considerable time on your cabin, sleeping, taking a bath and even sometimes is better to grab a little food and dine alone on your balcony is a way better option for me.

I will never take an interior cabin again, the one I got on the AOS was an interior cabin with promenade view and did not enjoy it like I had enjoyed a balcony cabin...