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The Neptune Lounge on the ship is like the Concierge Lounge in a Hotel.

It's a place where you can go and get a coffee, cappuccino, latte, espresso without having to go to the Lido or pay for one at the Explorations Cafe.

It's not a place for a "better breakfast", as they only have fruit juices, dry cereal, fresh fruits, smoked salmon, cream cheese, bagels, which you can toast (if you can't find the toaster, ask the concierge where it is - I couldn't find it the first time), toast, sweet rolls, etc. It's more like a Continental breakfast. As you have the privileges of the Neptune, you can also go to the Pinnacle for breakfast without a reservations, but it's no better, IMO, than the dining room. We actually prefer the Lido for breakfast - greater variety there.

When you get on board speak to the Concierge and she will explain everything about the use of the room to you & what they have in the way of snacks which are available all day. Often in the afternoon we'll pop in for a cup of tea , some little open faced sandwiches or a coffee, sweet roll, fruit bread, cookies and those wonderful chocolates. hmmm.

No better internet service in the Neptune - it's the same all over the ship - it comes from one source.

Enjoy and have a great time.

Any other questions, please ask.