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Visited FRalmouth about four years ago and it is a truly wonderful travel experience. We did not tender in (if someone doesn't like tenders then maybe they shouldn't go on cruises). Tenders are part of the cruise experience.

The ship docked near the center of Falmouth, and my wife and I walked up to the Pendennis Castle. Pendennis Castle is not to be missed because of its cultural, historical, and beautiful views of the sea. You can even walk in a dry moat which surround the castle's walls!

Not far from the castle is an old English style hotel which is worth a visit to get an idea of what an English seaside resort looks like.

It is also fun to take a walk around Falmouth itself. Do some research on your own, have some comfortable walking shoes, and you will have a great time in Falmouth.

Falmouth is a very nice port overall and one that I want to see again.

Hope that this helps.