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Originally posted by Crissy Knox:
Cheer up, you have cruise chat! I just figured people who cruise alone maybe don't have many friends or maybe have difficulty with lasting relationships.

But if they do so by design, maybe they are okay with it? It can't be to "hook-up"in a meaningless string of relationships, can it? That is depressing.

I just think about memories on cruises and family and loved ones. Who are you going to turn to and say, "remember when..."?
I'm 33 and single and have been traveling alone since my 30th B-Day. I love it for a few reasons...I can go and come when I want to w/o the hassle of check'g w/the friends to see what they want to do; the friends may have kids to be concerned with which restricts them from traveling; the friends may be on a strict budget and can't afford to travel...

I feel comfortable w/i myself and I don't "need" to travel w/other people in order to have a great vacation.

I'm a lot like "ibcruzin"