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Hi ColJenni, I'm just interested in finding out whether your husband did get sea-sick from the aft cabin. Also anyone else has information on the aft cabin? I have been assigned an aft cabin but dead centre so presumably it shouldn't be affected by any side to side rocking. Can anyone advise me as to whether I should ask for reassignment as I am prone to sea-sickness? Thanks.
Originally posted by ColJenni:
We have a "hold" on an aft cabinon Deck 8 for an early June cruise up the Alaskan Inside Passage cruise on a 90,000 ton ship. This is our first cuise and my husband is prone to motion sickness. I have read conflicting reports re: sea sickness. I know they say it is best to be in mid-ship low as possible. But, others say they have never experienced seasickness being in an aft cabin. In fact - crew members told them to go to the back of the boat when feeling sick. Do you really feel much of a difference in the motion in the back of the ship? Also, is the vibration bad? Thanks so much for any input for these first time cruisers!