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If you like snorkeling, one of the best snorkels we've ever been on was in Dominica. It's the champagne reef snorkel, absolutely breath-taking. Take a catamaran or boat to the dive, do not try to do a beach dive. Although you can, the beach is made of boulders and it's not pleasant trying to get into and out of the water.(We did this the first time we were there.) The last time we were there, we took a catamaran sail/snorkel through the ship and it was great. You snorkel over a volcano vent and the bubbles in the water make it appear that you are in a glass of champagne, absolutely wonderful! We did a catamaran sail/snorkel in Antigua and there were way too many jelly fish for me, if you look for Scott Taylor's posts, he went to Pineapple Beach there and they had a great time. In Barbados, take the Tiami catamaran sail/snorkel. They are the best catamarans, great crews, and if you do the one with lunch served, great food. There is good shopping right at the terminal. St. Lucia is wonderful, very friendly people, and the snorkeling is ok. The last time we were there, we went to Pigeon Island. If you do it through the ship, you'll save money. They have a pirate's ship tour that takes you there for some swimming/snorkeling and gives you enough time to tour the fort. There is a snack shop there, some nice beaches, and it's an interesting tour. St. Thomas take the ferry to St. John and the cab to Trunk Bay. It is one of the top ten beaches in the world. There is a self-guided snorkeling tour about 50 yards off of the beach. The water is crystal clear, warm and calm. It is beautiful. In San Juan a tour of Old San Juan is fun or the Bacardi Rum Factory. You have a great itinerary and hope you enjoy each of the islands. Best wishes and have a wonderful cruise!