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Hi Sandy and Hello All:

When we arrived back in NYC we got really lucky. We were fully prepared for the "Freestyle" way of doing things and as such, didn't really have hurrying in mind. We were sitting in one of the lounges (can't remember which one) when a crew member walked by and was sort of grabbing people as she walked asking "are you ready to disembark?" We said "sure" and she took us below and we exited the ship I think on deck 5 right at street level. That was really cool and we just went inside, grabbed our bags which were miraculously right up front and headed for the cab. We did have to queue but I believe we waited maybe 10 minutes. However, I will point out that this was nearly two years ago and the popularity of the NYC port has really grown since that time. We were the only ship in port when we departed and when we arrived.

I guess if you're really up for adventure you could just walk back to Penn if it's a nice day. I don't think it's really that far. We were willing to wait since we did bring back more than we brought and I wouldn't have felt like schlepping all of that stuff through the streets of NYC!

Also, speaking of schlepping, do yourselves a favor and think about using the laundry services on board. I think they discount starting on Thursday (on a 7 day, don't know about 10 or 11 day) and take LESS! We brought so much stuff that just hung in the closet and although the storage is spacious for a cabin, it's still small compared to what you're used to in a hotel. We swore next time we'd take half the stuff and buy whatever we need in ports and such. After all when you think about it it's a great way to bring back a souvenir that you can actually use!

I seem to have deviated from the "parking" thread here...sorry.

Have a great holiday everyone!


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