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I am not quite sure I know what you are referring to about what has been on TV. Unless it is about the Smith case. As with everything the media blows things out of proportion to boost their ratings. In 52 cruises I have never felt unsafe on a ship. When in port you always should use safety precautions just as you would in a new city here in the US. You should always be aware of your surrounding no matter where you are at. US or abroad. You don't flash money around, keep your wallet/purse close to you. Keep extra cash locked in the safe on the ship. Don't go in unlite places at night. Don't go with a taxi driver to an unknown private beach or location. With teenage girls and the Natalie Hollaway case I am sure you will brief them to use common sense, and not be going off alone to any cabins with anyone. Stay in public places. You should have a safe fun cruise just by following everyday safety precautions.