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The last time we were in St. Lucia we went to Pigeon Island. It was a really nice beach and a good tour of the fort. We did this on our own and I can guarantee it was cheaper to do the Pirate ship excursion through the ship. The cab driver charged us $30/pp to take us there and it was $10/pp entrance fee. It was a beautiful setting and we did have more time there than the excursion did. They had 1 1/2 hours there, we spent 5. There was a nice little restaurant and the beach was almost deserted. The tour of the fort areas was on your own, they did have a guided tour as well, but we just took the brochure and walked around. If you climb to the top of the point, it is a beautiful look out area. There was even a wedding going on at the first beach area. We've also done some great sail/snorkels there, that we booked through the ship. In Barbados, we have always done the Tiami sail/snorkel. It's a great excursion. Their catamarans are clean, their staff is wonderful, and the snorkel is great. We're planning on going to Folkstone Underwater Park this next trip. I've heard good reviews from this place. It's going to be hard giving up the Tiami excursion, we've done it 6 times, but I thought we'd try something different. Hope this gives you a couple of suggestions.