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As promised last week after returning on the NCL Pearl Alaska cruise, I have now uploaded the Alaska photos to my photoshow website. If your considering this cruise, know someone that is taking this cruise, or you will be on this cruise, you might very well enjoy the 2 photoshows that I have prepared. The photos were taken with a Nikon digital camera.

Photoshow #1 has 396 photos and covers the begining of the cruise heading off to Glacier Bay.

Photoshow #2 has 386 photos and covers Glacier Bay and our flight back to New Mexico.

You can advance the photos as quickly as you want, or you can just sit back relax and take our personal cruise/tour in about 1 hour and 15 minutes, which took us 7 days.

I have cruised alot and this was one of the best. In a few more days, hopefully the NCL Pearl cruise review will be completed and placed on the Internet for all to read.

If you want to view the photoshow, go to:

There are several photoshows listed, and the NCL Pearl Alaskan cruise will be labeled at the top. Other cruises are also available for viewing.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the trip to Alaska. It was awesome. I can answer any questions that you might have.

Remember these are photos and although they may look great, there's nothing like actually being there in person.

I highly recommend that you consider an Alaskan cruise.

Richard & Mary
Las Cruces, New Mexico USA