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You know thru the whole Norovirus Celebrity was so awesome with the way they handled everyting as best as they could and they treated us so very well when we were on the Mercury. Well, I am due to leave on May 16th and I called about 3 weeks ago to see if the price had gone done and it did by $200 each for us and my daughter and son-in-law's cabins, I was very excited. Yesterday I called just to check if they went down anymore, our son-inlaw is in the Military and they went from an inside to a Balcony for the same price and we went from a C1 at $1240 each to $620 each, you may have heard us screaming with joy I could not believe how much they took off our current cabin that was paid in full. So we now have a hugh onboard credit !! I love them !
Can't wait to see my daughter, it has be more than a year ...way to long for any Mom ! We will have a ball with all the extra $$$$
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