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We went to Alaska last year on Princess. We tried to charter a boat to Tracy Arm from Juneau. If you are planning on doing it from Juneau, you need to know that the trip is very long, and you have to leave at least 9-10 hours, according to the various charter companies. In the end, because we had like 7-8 hours, they persuaded us that it would be tough to do. I really wanted to do it but we had a great time seeing Juneau by private charter. If, however, you have the time in your cruise schedule (early arrival/late departure) then Tracy Arm is supposed to be magnificent. The company I would recommend for a charter of Tracy Arm or Juneau is Harv and Marv's Alaskan Outback. They are fantastic. They book up early so make the reservation early. You can find them on the internet. If everything else were even, and you have the time in your cruise schedule, I would easily choose Tracy Arm over Juneau town.