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I know, it was already discussed for several times. I just want convince those, who are still oscillating between booking a private tour and a taking a regular one.
St.Petersburg is the to see and to return back again and again. This is a city with unbelievable quntity of the museums and sightseeing. And all of them are worth to see. You shouldn't miss Tzars' Banya (wet sauna) in Peterhoff. It was recently restored. That is amazing. Just imagine a shower, that looks like a luxurious chandelier. ....or a papier-mache chandaliers in the Yusupov's Palace.....and the rococo romantic Chinese Palace in Oranienbaum....or visit the Mr. Putin's!!!

Once you are in St.Petersburg you should try Russian cuisine in one of the local restaurants (where locals go, but not touristic one) That is something

With a private tour you'll feel the atmospere of Rissia and it's mysterious spirit.

Unfortunately you'll miss it with a big Cruise line bus.

Make the ridht choice! Have a great trip!!!