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Hi to You,

Resort casual is just about anything that makes you feel comfortable....NO SHORTS in the main diningrooms in the evening though....I wear a nice pair of dress slacks and a nice short sleeved wife wears a nice comforable dress or skirt...You will see people in all sorts of dress...and if I'm not mistaken, jeans are considered "resort casual now"...just not the torn or ragged looking ones...."Dress up Night has been down scaled too... I wear a sportscoat one night with a shirt and tie, the next night I were a sports coat and a nice shirt and no tie...You won't see may tuxedos or cocktail dresses, but if you have them, of course wear them and strutt your stuff...After many years of cruising, I welcome the "resort casual"...but it's personal choice...Go and have a smashing good cruise...that's the important part of cruising....I'm off in 9 days and can't wait...

Bob E