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I forgot to give you some other important advice:
- Your cabin steward will leave various cans of soda and water bottles in your room. Don't touch them, they are very expensive.
- Your cabin steward will have various literature spread-out on the table in your room (next to the very expensive water and soda). There will be a three ring binder with their names and extra stationary for you to write notes. And maybe there will be a book about the Bahamas, and possibly another book. They will re-collect this literature on the last night. Don't be surprised if this literature suddenly dissapears that night from your room. In fact, it would be best if you leave this literature out in the open on the last night; rather than having your cabin steward rumage through your belongings to find them.
-Bring some pad locks to lock up your suitcase. You will need to check-in the large one(s) at the pier. On the last night you will need to leave the large one(s) outside your cabin door. In both instances you should use a padlock to lock them up. I would reccomend the Travel Sentry TSA-friendly pad locks.

So thats all I can think of at the moment (in terms of advice). If you have any more questions about cruising, don't hesistate on posting another question. The members of this website are well expierience in cruising and can really help.

Enjoy your cruise.