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Originally posted by Gabbie247:

Family of Four

Celebration 3-13-98
Tropicale 7-8-99
Fascination 7-15-00
Inspiration 11-18-01
Jubilee 7-27-02
Conquest 12-29-02
Fantasy 03-09-03
Holiday 07-05-03
Holiday 10-11-03
Paradise 06-06-04
Sensation 11-25-04
Spirit 07-06-05
Pride 03-12-06
Miracle 10-08-06
Fantasy 12-21-06
Fantasy 03-15-2007
Fantasy 08-11-2007
Victory 09-29-2007

Wow...did you take all these Cruises!!!

No, I just made up a big list to make myself feel superior...."here's your sign".

(hope you watch Dave Engval or you won't get that joke at all)

We have been cruising as a family of four since 1998 and we love it. Lately it has just been the 3 of us since the oldest is now in college and misses some from time to time. A fact he is not real happy about.