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first of all welcome to our cruisechat.
Here are some links vo Venice transportation:
1.) fares
The price for one adult riding on one of the vaporettos / waterbuses is 5. So you will buy a one-day travel card for 12 oder a 3-day card for 25. The cards are available at any Actv vaporetto ticket booth.
2) Venice map
3) Map of the Stazione Marittima:
You will take the shuttle from the pier to Piazzale Roma. From there you can walk to Piazza S. Marco or go by vaporetto / waterbus. Line 1 is the "Sightseeing line". Vaporeto station is just at the Piazzale Roma. Go some steps down to the Canal Grande.
3) Information about the Cruise terminal: about the Stazione Marittima:
On this page there are many links to other infos.
Have a nice cruise and some evervelming days in Venice, my favorite town.