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*Find out before you leave how much your cell phone calls and texting will cost you. We turn the phones off and put them in the safe. But, if you do that make sure you wear a watch to know what time it is on the ship and off!
*Our ship did not have a clock in the room...bring a travel clock for your room.
*Confirm whether or not your room will have a fridge. Ours did not so we asked for another bucket of ice. We brought on our own water bottles and kept 2 on ice at all times. You can bring drinks on and off the ship but not food....any snacks you want to take put in the bottom of a carry on/off bag....they go through the xray machines fine.
*The first day on the ship when you meet your cabin steward "make fiends" hand them $5 and say thanks for having my room so nice....they'll be gold for the rest of the trip....we always tip them a little cash by hand the night before our last day as well. They work 10 hr days 7 days a week! AND with a good attitude (at least that has been our experience on RCI).
~Make sure you have your personal luggage tag on as well as the porter will put one on at the curb when you arrive. We also put one inside of our suitcase....just in case. This trip one bag did not arrive by the time of the muster drill so our steward went to guest relations and it was sitting there with no "cruse tag" on it. Apparently he missed a bag. So if you don't have a suitcase by 4pm check with the steward, don't assume it's still coming.
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