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It is a complex thing to wade through. As I posted someplace else on this board, the devalued dollar fuels (ha ha) some of this since foreign currency is more valuable so they come here to invest. Speculators in the oil commodities market drive up the price per barrel, and then the oil companies get the blame for it. Profits increase because the barrel price has increased. Just as a cruise line is in business to make money, so are the oil companies. If you have a product and the people controlling the price (it is not the oil companies) run it to $108 per barrel, what are you supposed to do - say no? It wasn't too long ago that oil was $10 a barrel and the oil companies were in trouble.

But this is not even close to being over. Cruise prices in general are the next things to increase and I think that will happen very soon, just as Penny predicts.