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hi cruiselover. Belize is an outstanding snorkeling destination. Goff's Caye is very nice for snorkeling. The reefs are quite beautiful. Belize is a poor port. They are still trying to get their feet on the ground. People are friendly and helpful. If shopping is your thing, you can find plenty of it on the pier once you are tendered in. You'll immediately notice Diamonds Int'l. located on the pier. We ventured a little further into their "downtown" area to get a feel for the real Belize and not the "touristy Belize". The Belize people will barter on goods with you. Once you arrive on the pier head to your left, over a small bridge and hook a left. It's a nice little walk. You will see some colorful locals offering photos with snakes, dogs running loose, school age children in their uniforms, etc. Belize has a Jamaican feel to it, only safer. It's quite unique. We've been there twice and would love to go back. Have fun. A'ndrea